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spoilers- 11-13-05

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Please do not copy/paste or reproduce GHFF Spoilers in any form without permission from GHFF.

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 Dillon and Georgie find Manny's detonator.
Manny is taken to the hospital but escapes.

 Jason has a dream about Robin.
Kristina Davis will soon be aged to five years old.

   Liz and Lucky face new money problems.

 Robin confides in Nikolas that she's still in love with Jason.

  Lorenzo turns Diego into the PCPD as The Stalker. This may be Diego's
Exit from GH. (And into the Sit Com World).
Courtney can't make up her mind. Jax or Nik? Nik or Jax?

   Lucas comes out to his entire family.

  Reese dies but her final words are not about how much she loved
Sonny or made some terrible mistakes but rather that Ric "should take care
of Alexis and the baby." Huh?
Lorenzo takes Carly back to Roselawn. But she doesn't stay long
and heads back to the site of the Train Wreck.

 Helena will have her eye on Alexis' [sign in to see URL] next Cassadine heir.

 Reese tries to hide how seriously she is injured.

 Jason gets dizzy and falls off a cliff.

Robin's notes on her new Protocol are lost in another explosion.


In the aftermath of the Train Wreck, Alexis starts having contractions with
  Ric and Emily at her side. Emily confides in Ric that Alexis may require a
 C-Section. Believe it or not, Emily "finds" some medication that helps slow down Alexis' contractions but she still needs a C-Section. Robin arrives and prepares Ric and Alexis for the worst. With that, Robin grabs a knife belonging to Jason and performs
the C-Section. It's a baby girl, folks! And Ric holds little Molly until she is taken away to safety. At the hospital, just before Alexis is rushed into surgery, she tells Ric that
she still loves him!!!Jax and Courtney decide to give their marriage another [sign in to see URL]
the sake of the baby.

** Manny Ruiz is everywhere!.....including Roselawn!
Manny Ruiz kills the engineer of one of two [sign in to see URL] the train wreck
that will affect the lives of many Port Charles citizens.
Courtney learns that the father of her baby is Jax!
There may be problems with Alexis' baby. Robin's health isn't as under control as it seems.

 Helena wants a Cassadine heir so she has her eye on Alexis' baby who carries
the blood of [sign in to see URL] if Courtney's baby turns out to belong to Nikolas
....Courtney could be in danger.

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Re: spoilers- Last updated 11/11/05 10am and 2pm

Carly's relationship with Sonny will be examined
during her therapy with Lainey.

Sonny and Carly's history
will be revisited via newly taped "flashbacks"
with NUCarly and Sonny.
Carly prevents forest fires.
--No, that's Smokey The Bear--
How about fuel explosions?
Too late for Max, Carly is a gunslinger,
but Manny lives to see another day.
Jason picks an odd time to go cliff-diving.

After leaving Rose Lawn once more,
Carly prevents Jason from drowning.
Lucky's heart takes a licking,
thanks to Liz it keeps on ticking.

A Robin delivers the dire news,
will Ric be singing the wifey blues?

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Lucky's family comes together when he is seriously
injured in the train wreck. More money problems for Liz and Lucky
may lead to marriage problems down the road.

Carly leaves Rose Lawn determined to get healthy.
She believes that getting over Sonny is the key.

Helena wants to secure a Cassadine heir to
mold as she pleases. Courtney may be
dispensible, but the baby she's carrying--if it's a
Cassadine, isn't.

Sam explores Robin's feelings for Jason.

When Lulu causes problems for Luke, he asks Dillon to help
him take care of her. How will Georgie react?

Lucas tells the rest of his family he's gay.

 Nikolas will be less than pleased when he sees how close
Sonny and Emily have grown.

 Set your VCR's and Tivos!
Dr. Noah Drake returns December 2nd!
(See Cast Tidbits for details)
More on the Train Incident:

"Though not on the train, Lorenzo is hot on the heels of
someone [sign in to see URL] 'mysterious woman', and escapee...
(Carly), he becomes very involved in the train rescue."
(He is determined to find Carly before Sonny
discovers she is aboard. )

Nikolas, Courtney and Emily are all on the train, we hear
that along with Robin, Sonny, and Ric, they will be present
when Alexis finally delivers her baby.

Two Passenger Trains Collide on November 3th!

And that is just the beginning.
Landslides. Poison Gas. Flooding. Snakes.
Reese's death.
Sonny, Sam, Robin, Liz, Lucky, Alexis, Ric, Reese, Courtney,
Nikolas, Jax, Jason, and Carly are among those aboard
the two trains--as is Manny Ruiz, who causes the crash.
Alexis Awakens
Nancy Lee Grahn in the NY Daily News, "She has a very restful coma
and then wakes up in the hospital and has a fight with Ric. 'By the way,
we don't have to stay together if you don't want to. I know you said
all those nice things because you thought I was dying, but now I'm okay,
so we can still get divorced.' While she was in labor, they pledged their
love - la de dah - and pledged allegiance to each other forever. But
Alexis doesn't believe he meant it. So she offers him an out."
Which he doesn't take.

"Yes, it appears they're in it for the long haul, which on soaps
is very short. Alexis thinks it would be a good idea to baptize the baby
at the hospital. Maybe she's still feeling the aftermath of some heavy
medication and has decided she's very religious. Now she's Catholic!"

While the baptism of the very healthy Molly is another bumpy ride;
Ric and Alexis enjoy a tender moment.

][sign in to see URL]

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Courtney develops cramps.

Skye starts to becomes close with Lulu.
Robin discovers that Alexis has a serious problem.

Jax and Courtney bring Alexis baby, Molly, to the hospital.

Dr. Meadows examines Courtney due to her cramping, and
tells her and Jax that the next 24 hours will be critical.

Ric hears the words he had been longing to hear when Alexis
tells him she loves him and wants him back in her life.

Robin, Sam, and Jason try to escape an underground

Jason loses consciousness. Sam seeks out help.
Meanwhile, he takes a plunge; Carly saves his life.
When Sam returns with help, they assume he was
seeing things when he insists that Carly rescued him.

Jason stabs Manny.

The situation becomes even more dangerous--
Manny has rigged the tunnel with explosives!

Luke and Sonny come up with a plan to rescue

Jason and Carly fall through a shaft during an explosion.
Unaware that Carly was with him, Sonny and Sam
believe that Jason is dead.

Sonny suddenly realizes that Reese
is no longer breathing.

Week of November 14th

11/14 Sonny learns Carly does not trust him.
Nik heads back into the tunnel.
11/15 Much to Sonny's horror, Reese's
hand sets off an explosion.
Caring for Alexis' baby with Jax warms
Courtney's heart (but not for long).
11/16 Although he worries that Jax will win back Court,
Nik is there for Em when she is feeling down.
11/17 Is Robin still in love with Jason?
Nik and Court can't let go.
11/18 Jason is found alive.
Carly heads home to Sonny.
Court makes up her mind. Again.
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Re: spoilers- 11-13-05

Reese meets her maker.

Tracy gets raked over the coals by Sam.

Liz and Lucky's piggy bank is a mess.
Liz's hours at the hospital are cut back.

Robin is shot.
Emily and Sonny commiserate as they wallow in their
feelings of guilt over Reese's death.

Sam and Jason try to diffuse the explosives
they discover in the tunnel. They rush
to leave the tunnel but only one makes it out.

Dillon and Georgie come across a detonator.

Luke uses his old Spencer tricks to try to get
to Jason, but in the end Carly and Jason rely
on each other to find their way out after the
Lulu piles in on the newlyweds to avoid her father.
Liz and Lucky decide three's a crowd.

While trapped in the tunnels, Carly tells Jason
that she still wants to be with Sonny.
Jason advises her to move on.
Carly agrees to let Sonny go...
if Jason will undergo treatment with Robin.

Robin confides in Nikolas that she has
feelings for Jason.

Jason heads off for surgery while Lo takes
Carly back to Rose Lawn. [again]

Carly decides to leave Rose Lawn to be with
Sonny and the kids. Sonny later finds her looking
sexy and waiting for him.
(source: ABC HotSheet)


Sonny reacts to Reese' death; he pushes Carly away.
Courtney is the target of Helena's latest scheme.
(see our earlier spumors)
Week of November 21st

11/21 Sonny bursts Carly's bubble when he forces
her to face reality
Jax is ticked at Courtney for choosing Nik.
Helena tells Court to stay out of Nik's life.
Lucky and Nik discuss Lulu and Luke.
11/22 Helena goes after Courtney. Nik intervenes.
Jax wants nothing to do with Helena's schemes and
gives Court the heads up.
Dillon faints.
Emily's guilt over Reese's death has her re-considering
her career path. Alan and Monica urge her to
speak with Lainey.
11/23 Jason dreams of kissing a woman from his past.
Durant tells Carly that somethings cooking
between Sonny and Emily.
Em is caught in the middle when Carly
jumps to conclusions about Em's place in
the Corinthos home.
Nik strikes back at Helena.
Lorenzo wants Diego to do the right thing.
Molly is baptised.
A Memorial is held for Reese.
11/24 No Pizza?
GH will re-air Nikolas and Emily's
Wedding on Thanksgiving Day.
11/25 GH Pre-empted.

Carly gets a reality check courtesy of Sonny.

Robin's protocol leads to serious side effects
for Jason.

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Re: spoilers- 11-13-05

Jason's heart stops, Robin works to save him.

A victim hears her stalker's confession.

Emily has very Sonny dreams.


Courtney disappears!Week of November 28th

 12/2 Paging Dr. Noah Drake!

Sam's thoughts turn to motherhood.

Moving On Down The Road A [sign in to see URL]!
(Disclaimer: More than rumors, not quite spoilers,
these are usually longer term items that can still change!)
Carly's mental health issues may
be "organic" in [sign in to see URL]' death marks a turning point in Sonny's life.

Someone is double crossed by a [sign in to see URL] and Emily become a little bit like Jason and Sam of old.
Their friendship offers certain conveniences for both.

By the time Carly returns from her residential therapy,
Sonny will not be an option for her. Her future options
may surprise you!

When Helena returns, will she be following the wrong scent?
Lulu is literally growing up overnight.
She is a rebel, just like her Dad.
Georgie won't like her hanging with Dillon.
The Reese/Sonny/Carly story will be wrapped up this Fall
with an exit.
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