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rumors Last updated 11/13 6pm EST

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Now that Liz and Lucky are wed, there's just one more
to go for 2005.(11/2)

As for Courtney, disappointment may be the order of the day,
especially for one particular diner.
(11/2)Sonny, Emily, Carly, Lorenzo

Lots of differing viewpoints around the inner circle
regarding the future of the potential pairings of
Sonny and Emily vs Sonny and Carly vs Lorenzo and Carly.
  Maurice is gung ho to give the new pairing a try, but Frons
and bigwigs think pairing his character with Carly
is the way to go. Meanwhile, the headwriters think they
 may have better success giving Lorenzo and this particular
Carly a serious try. Round and round and round they go,
where they'll end up, nobody knows!
(10/28)First, the good news: Rumors are swirling that if GH can
get Rick Springfield to extend his stay see Cast Tidbits,
 or work it in between concert dates, that his character, Dr. Noah Drake,
will be returning to be paired with Bobbie Spencer. (Jackie Zeman).
The bad news: This might be Jackie Zeman's exit storyline.
We've heard that Kelly Monaco was indeed lined up to appear
in several episodes of Desperate Housewives. However, gossip
has it that when wind of it got to the reigning DH Queens,
 they put up such fuss that they shelved the idea.
(10/28)Sam need not worry about Robin for long. Robin will be
getting her own love interest down the road. Supposedly,
it will be a new actor playing a character, a physician, not
previously seen on GH.
(10/27)Word is that the role of Kristina, Alexis' daughter
is being recast and SORASED.
(10/22)Looks like Alicia Leigh Willis (Courtney) is out the door.
(10/22)It seems that Lucas is getting a love life,
but it will be wrought with complications.
Looks like GH is finally gearing up to recast the
role of Sarah Webber. (Yet another story that was pushed
back by a few months). If so, look towards January.
(9/20)Lucas becomes a victim of blackmail.
(8/28)Ric Lansing may discover something quite shocking about
 his father--Trevor Lansing is "Mr. Big"!
(8/28)Jesse is the "It" guy of the moment.
His connections to Port Charles will be explored.
(8/27)Seems Courtney may get her miracle baby afterall.
(7/19)We hear Reese will be gone by year's end.
(6/12)Moving in together in May, leads to nuptials in the Fall.
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