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Ready or Not

it use to come on after degraasi Jr. high and high school did. on showtime and back then i didn't have showtime but when they let u have it for a week free. now its weekends but we pay for it now.

 and i have on show on tape when the nick. showed one about getting a bra.

i love the show its the best show ever.

Fab Filippo Dominick Ramone
Gail Kerbel Phyllis Zimm
John Lefebvre Leonard Zimm
Joseph Griffin Manny Ramone
Amos Crawley 'Sag' Bernie Sagittarius Chearney
Benjamin Plener 'MonkeyEars' Michael
Benjamin Plener Michael 'Monkey Ears'
Tamara Podemski Carla Slavinksi
Daniel Enright Milan
Diana Reis Lucy Ramone
Gerry Mendicino Sam Ramone
Karl Pruner Stephen Bennett
Jesse Nilsson Justin
Kari Matchett Sheila
Omari Moore Troy Edwards
Noah Plener Frankie Ramone
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busy was my fave. we are a like we are both tom boys. lol
12/1/2005, 1:07 pm Link to this post  

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