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love everything about the show. when i first saw it on pps kids i was not into guys and didn't care. but now that i re watch it on noggin when they had it i thought alex was so hot. and that played hector i thought he was wlim v. from that '70s show cause they talk the same and looked a lil a like.

 my fave. is rob ad alex and lenni

Marcella Lowery
Grandma CeCe Jenkins David Lopez
Alex Fernandez
Blaze Berdahl
Lenni Frazier Todd Alexander
Rob Baker (1992-1993)
Mayteana Morales
Gaby Fernandez (1992-94) Tram-Anh Tran
Tina Nguyen
Sheldon Turnipseed
Jamal Jenkins William Hernandez
Hector Carrero
Lateaka Vinson
Casey Austin Melissa Gonzales
Gaby Fernandez (1994-95)
Mayteana Morales
Role: Gaby Fernandez (1992-94)
Is said to be currently active in the play world, where her most recent role was as Consuelo in the Carousel Dinner Theatre production of "West Side Story." [April 12, 2002] She had an... Continue
William Hernandez
Role: Hector Carrero
Willie is a gay Puerto Rican American who loves his friends and is passionate about the arts and performing. His religious parents don't accept his lifestyle which caused Willie to leave home when... Continue
Lateaka Vinson
Role: Casey Austin Melissa Gonzales
Role: Gaby Fernandez (1994-95)
 i loved how qostwriter find clues and stuff.
i like jamal too.

Richard Cox (I)
Role: Max Frasier (1992-1993) Sheldon Turnipseed
Role: Jamal Jenkins Tram-Anh Tran
Role: Tina Nguyen David Lopez
Role: Alex Fernandez Blaze Berdahl
Role: Lenni Frazier Todd Alexander
Role: Rob Baker (1992-1993) Marcella Lowery
Role: Grandma CeCe Jenkins
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