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 I'm a new [sign in to see URL] member. What exactly do i get for signing up besides first chance at tickets. I read in one of the forums that a cd will be sent out. Is the CD for old members who renewed or old AND new members?
Hanson Answers:
 You will be getting your Membership kit in the mail soon. It includes a E-CD with 5 exclusive songs and video content only available to [sign in to see URL] members. Also a [sign in to see URL] membership card. I,T,Z

 Hanson, Deeper is such a beautiful song. I love it. People keep saying it is about a fan? Is it true? If so tell.. it sounds like a sweet story! -Kelly
Hanson Answers:
 The song is about having feelings for someone you hardly know. No it is not about a fan in specific. ISAAC

 Have you given any thought to letting a [sign in to see URL] member win an interview at each vinue? They could post a interview/ review of each show. Hanson. net could have its own section, Fanson Road Journal.. Questions could be submitted by [sign in to see URL] members to include everyone.. They could be monitered by a HCL perhaps? Fun huh? =o) Thanks Monica IN
Hanson Answers:
 We heard from a lot of you about this idea and felt that it was a great one. So we desided to do it. You can find the "Fan Jounal" in the tour section. I,T,Z

P.S. Thanks to all the [sign in to see URL] reporters for there reports.

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12/23/2004, 5:21 am Link to this post  

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