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You Can't Do That on Television

Vik Sahay
Role: himself (1986-1987)
A wonderful comedian who is a great actor that was featured in the 1979's "You Can't Do That on Television" when he was only at a young age. He shone in the television series, "Radio Active"... Continue
Les Lye
Role: all adult male characters (1979-1990)
In 1954 the very talented Les Lye began his career on the radio in Toronto doing voices for children's radio. After 5 years of this, he left Toronto to do a local kids show in Ottawa that paid 3... Continue
Alasdair Gillis
Role: himself (1982-1986)
Alasdair Gillis raised in the downtown area of Ottawa, by his mother and step-father and has an older brother. His real father was a teacher at St. Joseph's Catholic High School. Alasdair... Continue
Alanis Morissette
Role: Alanis (1986)
Along with counterparts Jewel and Fiona Apple, Alanis Morissette was one of the most successful singer/songwriters to ride in on the second wave of grrrl rock in the mid-'90s. Born on June 1,... Continue
Doug Ptolemy
Role: himself (1982-1987)
Born in 1972, Doug is best known as "Dougie", from the Canadian TV Series "You Can't Do That On TV". Continue
Vanessa Lindores
Role: herself (1982-1987) Kevin Kubusheskie
Role: himself (1981-1984) Darryl Lucas
Role: hinself (1979-1982) Robin Marpack
Role: herself (1979) Luke McKeehan
Role: himself (1982-1984) Deidre McIsaac
Role: herself (1979) Pauline Kerr
Role: herself (1984) Martin Kerr
Role: himself (1981-1983) David Halpin
Role: himself (1979) Brad Hampson
Role: himself (1979) Mike Hora
Role: himself (1983) Bradfield Wiltse
Role: himself (1979) Cindy Kennedy
Role: herself (1979) Adam Kalbfleisch
Role: himself (1984-1986) Patrick Mills
Role: himself (1989-1990) Chris Nolan
Role: himself (1986) Amy Stanley
Role: herself (1990) Gordon Smith
Role: himself (1979) Ted Wilson
Role: himself (1989-1990) Jill Stanley
Role: Herself (1989-1990) Chantal Tremblay
Role: herself (1989) Jim Stechyson
Role: himself (1979) Marjorie Silcoff
Role: herself (1984-1985) Sariya Sharp
Role: herself (1989-1990) Mike Patton
Role: himself (1979) Brodie Osome
Role: himself (1981-1983) Abby Hagyard
Role: all adult female parts (1982-1990) Sidharth Sahay
Role: himself (1989) Rekha Shah
Role: herself (1986-1989) Ben Schreiner
Role: himself (1984) Sarah West
Role: herself (1979) Amyas Godfrey
Role: himself (1986-1990) Kevin Somers
Role: himself (1979-1981) Kevin Schenk
Role: himself (1979-1981) Jonothan Gebert
Role: himself (1979-1981) Elizabeth Mitchell (II)
Role: herself (1979) Stephanie Bauder
Role: herself (1989-1990) Adam Reid
Role: himself (1984-1987) Lisa Ruddy
Role: herself (1979-1985) Christine McGlade
Role: herself (1979-1986) Kevin Ward
Role: himself (1989-1990) Klea Scott
Role: herself (1982-1984) Christian Tessier
Role: himself (1989-1990) Andrea Byrne
Role: herself (1986-1989) Rodney Helal
Role: himself (1979-1981) Marc Baillon
Role: himself (1979) Elizabeth Richardson
Role: herself (1982-1983) Randi Akiwenzie
Role: himself (1981) Eugene Contreras
Role: himself (1982-1985) Angie Coddett
Role: herself (1981) Tim Douglas
Role: himself (1979) Iain Fingler
Role: herself (1979) Matthew Godfrey
Role: himself (1986-1987) Ruth Buzzi
Role: Miss Take/Miss Fit/Other Roles (1979-1980) Stephanie Chow
Role: herself (1984-1987) Justin Cammy
Role: himself (1983-1985) Nick Belcourt
Role: himself (1989-1990) Jordan Aaron
Role: himself (1989) Chris Bickford
Role: himself (1989-1990) Jennifer Brackenbury
Role: herself (1989-1990) Jami Burning
Role: himself (1981) Carlos Braithwaite
Role: himself (1989-1990) Karen Grant
Role: herself (1984)

i loved this show a lot. its like all that and mad tv and saturday night live that they have going on now.
my fave. is the slim. if u say i don't know u get slimed and if u say water u get water on ur head.
12/1/2005, 1:26 pm Link to this post  

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