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ivette why you should not vote for her....

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"cappy crappy crappy" thats all she worryed about. she's annoying.

Why you should vote for me:
Hey viewers, once again you’ve got the power to vote for your favorite. I’ve been out of the house and have seen the dislikes of the “Nerd Herd.” I too have Xed them out and want the chance to play the game the way you would have liked to see me. I’m no longer drinking the juice, warped by Maggie, caring about April or Jenn. I’m Ivette, still fiery and passionate, just without all the garbage. I’ve thrown it out and want the chance to play it right! Let’s rewind and bring me back in for all the action and game-play of the house. It’s ALL-STAR time, and that’s what I want to give you: an ALL-STAR summer! The power is up for grabs. Vote me in!

(ya right i bet she's lying just to get back in the game.)
6/23/2006, 1:58 am Link to this post  

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