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cowboy michael why vote for him...

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you always need that one guy who well go with you on all ur voting intell you don't need him no more. and they way he talks in funny and seeing him with his sister again...

Why you should vote for me:
BIG BROTHER 5 was a great experience for me. I was living the dream. I am very excited that I was chosen to be in the top 20. I promise if you vote for me, I will go in the BIG BROTHER house, and I will play an awesome game. Some said in my season I rode on coattails. Well, what I can say is this time, the only coattail that will be rode is mine. I will put a great fight to be 1 and 2 again. Thank you, CBS and America, for this wonderful opportunity.
6/23/2006, 2:13 am Link to this post  

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