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7th heaven

this is what i got in my email.... if u understand it then let me know please...

Date: Wed, 29 Dec 2004 21:54:35 -0000
   From: "rascal19842001" <rascal19842001@[sign in to see URL]>
Subject: New Episode of 7th Heaven on the 24th?

Apparently there seems to be a miscommunication between TV listing
websites and WB promos. This week's trailer promoting the rerun Vote
also announces that 7th Heaven will also be returning with new
episodes on January 24, despite TV listing sites proclaiming it to be
January 31.
Click here to see the
trailer--->[sign in to see URL],17492,193744,[sign in to see URL]

i believe its [sign in to see URL],2005 at 7pm and i can't wait... i'll have to set my timmer for this.... cause i work intell 7:3opm
1/3/2005, 4:10 pm Link to this post  

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