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zac hanson getting married

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FRIDAY JUNE 02, 2006 05:30PM EST

By Stephen M. Silverman
Zac Hanson of pop group Hanson will marry longtime girlfriend, Kate Tucker, on Saturday in Atlanta, according to the group's publicist, Katie McNeil.

"The couple is planning an intimate ceremony with close family and friends," McNeil informed the Associated Press.

The bride, 22, and groom, 20, have been going together for five years

Hanson brothers Isaac (now 25), Taylor (23) and Zac were virtually unavoidable during the summer of 1997, thanks to their infectious pop single, "MMMBop." But after some growing pains – both pubescent and professional – the boys-to-men returned in 2004 for a Carnegie Hall concert that was part of a three-month international acoustic tour to support the release of their CD "Underneath."

At the time, PEOPLE asked Zac about his girlfriend and he answered, "I will only say she is beautiful and amazing and I'm very lucky," prompting brother Taylor to interject: "Ah, he will get kudos." Added Zac: "If you put that in your article, I will get kudos."

Taylor is also the other married Hanson. He and wife Natalie have a son, Jordan Ezra, 3, and a daughter Penelope Anne, 1.

Professionally, the trio are now working on a new album.

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