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news on amc

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Bianca Returning!
Eden Riegel (Bianca Montgomery) will come home for the holidays. The Emmy-winning actress will reprise the role of Bianca for a few episodes in December and January. She will be accompanied by her daughter, Miranda, but rumors say that the baby will have been "aged" and will not be played by twins Raymond and Joseph Cartigiano this time around.

A first airdate is not yet available.

Joshua Now Cast
Scott Kinworthy has been cast in the contract role of Josh Madden. He first airs on June 17. Scott can also be seen in the film Serenity.

Here is the casting call that went out for this character:

AMC is looking to cast a character currently going by the name of Joshua Madden. According to a character outline, Joshua is a former med school student who stopped his schooling and went into business for himself. He is rumored to be a romantic diversion for Kendall. As with any casting call, things are subject to change until the character actually hits the screen.
spoilers:NOVEMBER 14TH :
Kendall and Greg agree that it's in Greenlee's best interest, to keep their secret from her.
Greenlee is stunned when Josh tells her of the power outage the night that Kendall was inseminated and that all the donor samples were destroyed.
Kendall admits to Greenlee, her love for Zach.

Kendall is not happy when she learns that Greenlee lied about Zach coming to see her in the hospital.
Greenlee goes to David for help, in finding out what is being kept from her by Kendall and Greg. Jack is convinced that Jonathan set the fire that nearly killed Greenlee and Kendall.

Jonathan swears he is innocent and did not set the fire.
Erin and Aidan face off again.

Zach attacks Jonathan, believing that he tried to hurt Kendall again.

Lily visits Jonathan to scope out the truth.

Jonathan is shot at by a mysterious figure.

JR stops Derek from questioning Babe about the accident.

Amanda claims it was Babe she saw behind the wheel on the night she was hit.

Jamie accuses Amanda of setting the fire to hurt Babe.

Janet comes to see Amanda in the hospital.

Babe continues to use her newfound upper hand, to get JR to buy that she's in love with him again.

Babe and JR share a kiss.

JR warns Amanda to back off Babe.

Amanda is livid when she learns that Derek will not be pressing charges against Babe.

Babe is pushed down a flight of stairs.

Greenlee is stunned when she learns that Kendall used her own eggs for the surrogacy.

Greenlee invites Zach, David and Greg to join their family gathering for Thanksgiving.

Greenlee finally seizes the opportunity, telling everyone that she knows the truth about the pregnancy.

JR tells Babe, he wants her to move back into the Mansion with him.

JR invites Di to Thanksgiving, so he can humiliate her in front of everyone.
JR falls in love with Babe all over again.

Greenlee gets the shock of her life.

Di refuses to give up on Tad.

Zach and Kendall are falling in love, but can't admit it to one another.

Adam and Krystal fall in love the hard way.

Greg Madden's secret shakes Erica to her very foundation.

Babe gets lost in her plan to win JR back, realizing she still cares for him in the process.

The real Dixie may return leaving the town of Pine Valley utterly stunned.

Babe and JR remarry.

Lily helps Jonathan adjust as he recuperates from his medical ordeal.

Lily and Sam find themselves at the center of a mystery.

Unable to forgive Ryan, Greenlee leaves Pine Valley to start a new life.

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