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cast of gh

Alicia Leigh Willis
Role: Courtney Matthews Morgan ([sign in to see URL]- present)
Alicia was born in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. Her birthday is March 1st. She was the third child in a family of six; dad (David), mom (Leigh), older sister, Kimberly, older brother, Ryan, and a... Continue

Ted King
Role: Luis Ramon Alcazar (2002-2003)/Lorenzo Alcazar (June 2003-present )
He is also known as T.W. king. Ted king was raised in Bethesda, Maryland, California and New York. He attended the Tisch Scholl of the Arts at New York University where he studied film direction.... Continue

More Pictures Kelly Monaco
Role: Samantha "Sam" McCall ([sign in to see URL] - present )
Kelly Monaco is the third of five sisters raised in a traditional Italian Catholic home. Shortly before her teenage years, Kelly's family decided to move from the urban environment of... Continue

Lindze Letherman
Role: Georgianna "Georgie" Jones (09/02- present)
Lindze started her acting career at age 6 playing Dorothy in her 1st grade class version of the Wizard of Oz. She went on to professional theater playing Tiny Tim in A Christmas Carol and Marta in... Continue

Sean Kanan
Role: Alan James "A.J." Quartermaine, Jr. #3 (1993-1997)
He and former B&B co-star Gladis Jimenez have a daughter Simone Andrea Kanan, born in late 2001. Simone lives with her mother, but Sean is an active part of her life. Continue

Natalia Livingston
Role: Emily Bowen Quartermaine #2 (04/03 -present)
From [sign in to see URL]: Natalia Livingston took on the role of Emily Quartermaine on General Hospital in April 2003 with seamless grace. The youngest adult member of the dysfunctional Quartermaine clan,... Continue

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Re: cast of gh

Vanessa Marcil
Role: Brenda Marie Barrett Morgan (1992-1998; 2000; 2002-February 19, 2003)
Vanessa Marcil is 5 feet,four [sign in to see URL] got her start on a soap opera called "General Hospital" where she played Brenda Barrett for eight [sign in to see URL] next big television role came on Beverly... Continue

Laura Harring
Role: Carla Greco (1990-1991)
Lived the first ten years of her life in Mexico, before her family relocated to San Antonio, Texas. At age 16 she convinced her family to let her study in Switzerland. Upon graduating she travelled... Continue

More Pictures Emma Caulfield
Role: Lorraine Miller (1997-1998)
Emma has starred in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" since 1999 as former demon Anya, aka Anyanka. Caulfield has also appeared in "Beverly Hills, 90210" and "General Hospital." Continue

More Pictures Amber Tamblyn
Role: Emily Bowen Quartermaine #1 (1995-2001)
Amber is best known for her role as Emily Quartermain on the ABC daytime drama General Hospital. She played Emily from January 1995 to July 2001. Amber caught the eye of an agent at age 10 when... Continue

Kirsten Storms
Role: Maria Maximiliana 'Maxie' Jones (#3) (5/23/05-)
Official Biography: At the tender age of five, Kirsten Storms already knew what she wanted to do with her life, she longed to perform in front of the camera. Kirsten would tag along with her... Continue

More Pictures Mathew St. Patrick
Role: Lt. Marcus Taggert #2 (1997)
Mathew St. Patrick, a Philadelphia native, is best known for playing Adrain Sword on the daytime drama "All My Children" for which he was nominated for 2 NAACP Image Awards. He has also recurred on... Continue

Jacob Young
Role: Lucky Spencer #2 (February 25, 2000-2003)
Jacob has one brother and two sisters and was raised half of the time in Oregon and the other half in Washington. His dream is to one day own a ranch in Montana and his secret ambition is to be a... Continue

More Pictures John Stamos
Role: Blackie Parrish (1982-1984)
John Stamos' original family name is Stamopolous, which was shortened by his grandparents when they came to America from Greece. His parents are Bill & Loretta, and he has two younger sisters,... Continue

Stuart Damon
Role: Alan Quartermaine (1977 - present)
Spouse Deirdre Ann Ottewill (12 March 1961 - ?) 2 children -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trivia Has dark brown hair and brown eyes... Continue

Steve Burton
Role: Jason [Quartermaine] Morgan # 2 (1991-2000; 2001; 2002- present)
Steve was born in Indianapolis and was raised in the Midwest. He attended several high schools in the area before relocating with his father to California. He studied drama as the Beverly Hills... Continue

More Pictures Rena Sofer
Role: Lois Cerullo Ashton (1993-1996; 1997)
Rena Sofer got her start on the soap operas 'Another World' and 'Loving.' From there she moved on to 'General Hospital.' She appeared on 'Melrose Place,' 'Just Shoot Me,' and 'Coupling.'... Continue

More Pictures Danica Stewart
Role: Maria Maximiliana 'Maxie' Jones (#2) (2002)
A natural blonde, Danica dyed her hair brown for the role of Jessica Bennett on Passions. Danica was cast to play Roxanne 'Rocky' Briggs in a WB pilot "Home of the Brave", about a military man... Continue

George Alvarez
Role: Det. Alex Garcia #1 (1992-1996; 1997-1999)
[sign in to see URL] Press Kit Bio The Cuban-born actor received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Parsons School of Design. After graduating, he worked as a bartender at Studio 54 where he... Continue

More Pictures Kristin Davis
Role: Betsy Chilson, R.N. (1991)
Kristin Davis has proven herself as a talented and versatile actress ever since her breakthrough role as the devious Brooke Armstrong on the long-running Fox Television series "Melrose Place." She... Continue

Susan Seaforth Hayes
Role: Dorothy Bradley (1963)
Susan Seaforth Hayes', professional actress by trade, is a historian by desire. Her degree from Los Angeles City College is in history, and the stack of books at her deskside reflects... Continue

More Pictures John J. York
Role: Malcolm "Mac" Scorpio (02/1991- present) / James Meadows (1997-1998)
John J. York, a native of Chicago, caught the acting bug as a 5th grader playing the part of the Artful Dodger in his brother's high school play, Oliver. However, it was not until 10 years later... Continue

John Ingle
Role: Edward Quartermaine #2 (1993-February 29, 2004)
From [sign in to see URL] Family patriarch Edward Quartermaine has dispensed advice on corporate takeovers, hostile acquisitions and various business machinations to his children and employees for more than... Continue

Tuc Watkins
Role: Dr. Pierce Dorman #3 (1996-1997)
Graduated from Indiana University - majoring in Communications. Appeared in regional theater, commercials and many television guest roles before his big break: playing David Vickers on One Life To... Continue

Anthony Geary
Role: Luke Spencer (1978-1983; 1984; 1993- present)/Bill Eckert (91-93)
From [sign in to see URL] As portrayed by Anthony Geary, Luke Spencer has been described as the most popular character in soap opera history. One critic said: "Geary's individualism, uniqueness and awesome... Continue

Tyler Christopher
Role: Nikolas Cassadine #1 (96-99; 2003-present)/Connor Bishop(2004-05)/
Tyler was born in Jolliet, Illinois but raised in Delaware, Ohio where he excelled in sports. Siblings: 3 (2 sisters, 1 brother - all older) Education: Delaware Hayes High School and 2 years... Continue

Richard Dean Anderson
Role: Dr. Jeff Webber (1976-1981)
Well known as the talented everyday-hero MacGyver, Richard Dean Anderson is a very gifted, remarkable actor by himself. Born in Minnesota to a teacher father and Drawing artist mother, he wished... Continue

More Pictures Nikki Cox
Role: Regina "Gina" Cates Williams #1 (1993-1995)
Nikki Cox was born to perform. At age four, she was discovered by a talent agent when she was taking dance classes. Soon, she was cast in her first role, in the cute-alien film 'Mac and Me.'... Continue

Ingo Rademacher
Role: Jasper 'Jax' Jacks (1996-2000; 08/01- present)
Born in the village of Iserlohn-Letmathe in West Germany, Ingo lived in Europe until his parents moved to New South Wales, Australia when he was ten. He and his sister helped his parents work a... Continue

Chad Brannon
Role: Zander "Alexander Lewis" Smith (2000-2004 )
Chad Brannon took over the role of rough-around-the-edges Zander Smith on General Hospital in September 2000. Chad's touching portrayal of this troubled teen garnered him a Soap Opera Award for... Continue

Tamara Braun
Role: Carly Benson Quartermaine Corinthos #2 (2001-2005)
*Bio f/[sign in to see URL]* Daytime newcomer Tamara Braun took on the incredibly popular role of Carly Corinthos with seamless grace in May, 2001. Wife of Port Charles resident crime lord Sonny Corinthos... Continue

Matthew Ashford
Role: Dr. Tom Hardy #2 (1995-1997)
Matthew Nile Ashford was born on January 29, in the town of Davenport, Iowa. He is the third youngest [youngest boy] of eight kids. He has four brothers and 3 sisters, and in descending order their... Continue

Scott Clifton
Role: Dillon Albert Quartermaine Hornsby (April 17, 2003- present)
"Scott Clifton makes his home in a small town in the hills high above the Santa Clarita Valley. Scott's much ‘buzzed' arrival as Dillon Quartemaine on the long-running Daytime Drama is not his... Continue

Maurice Benard
Role: Michael 'Sonny' Corinthos Jr. (1993-1997; 1998-present)
He and his wife, Paula (wed 11 August 1990), have two girls, Cailey Sophia (b. 18 September 1994) and Cassidy Rose (b. 8 April 1999), and one boy, Joshua James (b. 5 December 2004). Suffers from... Continue

Thaao Penghlis
Role: Victor Cassadine (1981)
Joseph Mascolo
Role: Nicholas Van Buren [[sign in to see URL]. "Domino"] (1989)
Leslie Charleson
Role: Dr. Monica Bard Webber Quartermaine #2 (1977- present)
Darlene Conley
Role: Trixie Monahan (1979-1983)
Rebecca Herbst
Role: Elizabeth Webber (1997- present)
Robyn Richards
Role: Maria Maximilliana "Maxie" Jones #4 (1993-2002, 2002-Present)
Rick Hearst
Role: Ric Lansing (November 2002- present)
Kin Shriner
Role: Scott "Scotty" Bentley Baldwin (1977-1980; 1981-1983; 1987-1993; 2000- 2004)
Anna Lee
Role: Lila Morgan Tolliver Quartermaine (1978- 2004)
Lane Davies
Role: Dr. Cameron Lewis (November 13, 2002-February 2004)
Cynthia Preston
Role: Faith Rosco ([sign in to see URL]- [sign in to see URL])
Wally Kurth
Role: Ned Quartermaine Ashton #2 (1991- 2004; 05 recurring)
Jacklyn Zeman
Role: Barbara Jean 'Bobbie' Spencer, R.N. (1977-present)
Mary Beth Evans
Role: Katherine Bell [Crawford] (1993-1999)
Elizabeth Keifer
Role: Sister Mary Camellia McKay/Amy Cooper (1986)
More Pictures Sharon Case
Role: Dawn Winthrop #2 (1989-1990)
Robin Christopher
Role: Skye Chandler Quartermaine (2001- present)/Abby Mitchell (93)
John Callahan
Role: Leo Russell (1984-1985)
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Re: cast of gh

Nancy Lee Grahn
Role: Alexis Davis (1996- present)
Greg Vaughan
Role: Lucky Spencer #3 ([sign in to see URL]- present)
Jack Wagner
Role: Andrew "Frisco" Jones (1983 - 1987; 1989-1991; 1994; 1995) Judson Scott
Role: Peter Harrell (1985)
Judson Earney Scott was born on July 15 in Azuza, California, USA. He attended Carl Sandberg Jr. High and Glendale High School. He is a champion surfer who began surfing for Hobie surfboards at... Continue
Basil Langton
Role: Dr. Borden
In 1941 the actor-director-manager Basil Langton, who has died aged 91, founded the Travelling Repertory Theatre. That enterprise, based in Birmingham and later in Bristol, toured blitzed towns,... Continue
Stephen Nichols
Role: Stefan Cassadine (July 1996-January 2002, June 2, 2003-October 16, 2003)
Stephen Nichols began his acting career in Los Angeles theater during its renaissance in the early eighties. Throughout the course of the many productions he has appeared in, Nichols has been... Continue
Brian Patrick Clarke
Role: Grant Andrews [Putnam, [sign in to see URL]. Andre Chernin] (1983-1987)/Grant Putnam (1984; 1988)
Merle "The Pearl" Stockwell (1979-81), professional baseball pitcher for the Cyclones and soon Susan's husband (Richardson was with child in real life), was played by Brian Patrick Clarke who was... Continue
Tessa Allen
Role: Lesley Lu 'Lulu' Spencer #2 (2004-present)
Tessa Allen was born August 7, 1996. She began following in her older sisters footsteps and soon began auditioning for commercials. She landed several commercials including her most recognized... Continue
James Vincent McNichol
Role: Josh Clayton (1984-1985)
James is the oldest of three children born to Carollyn and James Vincent McNichol Jr, who divorced when he was very young. He has a sister named Kristy who was a successful actress, and a brother... Continue
Shell Kepler
Role: Amy Vining, R.N. #2 (1979-present; recurring)
Height: 5'4" Hair: Dark Blonde Eyes: Blue eyes Siblings: Brother, Fred Marital Stats: Married Kenny Ryback in 1985, divorced in 1991. Married Robert DeSantis in 1993, divorced in 2000. Shell... Continue
Marisa Ramirez
Role: Gia Campbell (July 28, 2000-December 4, 2002)
Marisa Ramirez originated the role of Port Charles's newest teenager, Gia Campbell in July 2000. Tough as nails and pretty as a picture, Gia arrives in Port Charles and wastes no time stirring up... Continue
Vanita Harbour
Role: Dara Jensen (1996-present; recurring)
Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it. Vanita Harbour is living proof that setting goals and believing works. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Vanita is the youngest of four children. "The Harbour family... Continue
Logan O'Brien
Role: Lucas Stansbury Jones (#4) (1998-2002)
Logan O'brien has been acting since he was very young. He is also a model and an athlete. He has completed over 250 modeling jobs and is currently working on a sports video series. His favorite... Continue
Anders Hove
Role: César Faison (1990; 1991-1992; 1999-2000)
Anders Hove was born in Greenland. He lived there until he was 14 when his family emigrated to Denmark. Anders father was a meteorologist, his mother was a nurse. Siblings included three... Continue
Dustin Nguyen
Role: Suki (1985)
Dustin's father was one of the country's top film and stage actors. Leaving at the last moment, Nguyen and his family spent several weeks at sea on a boat with nearly 1,000 others. After a... Continue
Robert Kelker-Kelly
Role: Stavros Cassadine #2 (2001; 2002)
Robert was born in Ohio, and mostly raised in Wichita, Kansas, where he began acting in local community theatres at an early age. When he was about 15, he recieved a scholarship as a teacher's... Continue
Demi Moore
Role: Jackie Templeton (1982-1983)
Demi Moore was born in Roswell, New Mexico, where her father, Charles Harmon, had left her mother before Demi was born. Her mother, Victoria, then married Danny Guynes, and Demi somehow also took... Continue
Ricky Martin
Role: Miguel Morez (1994-1995)
Height: 6'2" Weight: 156 lb Shoe size: 14 1/2 Continue
Jennifer Bransford
Role: Caroline [Spencer] Benson Qurtermain Corinthos (#3) (2005-)
Jennifer Bransford joined the cast of General Hospital in April 2005 as Carly Corinthos, a spirited young mother whose connections to her mob boss ex-husband, Sonny Corinthos, have alienated the... Continue
Constance Towers
Role: Constance Towers - Helena Cassadine #3 (1997-2002; 2004; 01/05 - Present)
Constance was born in Whitefish, Montana, and had dreams as a child of being an operatic star. These aspirations led her to actually turn down a contract from Paramount Pictures at age eleven.... Continue
Jaime Ray Newman
Role: Kristina Carter Cassadine (2001-2002)
Jaime was born in Farmington Hills, Michigan, on April 2, 1978. Jaime Ray Newman started acting at age 10 or 11 in the premiere of an Israel Horowitz play in her hometown of Detroit, Michigan.... Continue
Donna Pescow
Role: Gertrude Morgan (1999-2000)
Has an older sister Parents divorced when she was 6 Graduated from Sheepshead Bay High School, Class of 1972 married to Arnold Zelonka Has a son, Jack Continue
Keely Shaye Smith
Role: Valerie Freeman (1989)
Wife of Pierce Brosnan, who is the current incarnation of James Bond. Has two children by Brosnan: Dylan Thomas (1/13/97) and Paris Beckett (2/27/01). Married Brosnan at Ballintubber Abbey, County... Continue
Rick Moses
Role: Jefferson Smith Hutchins "Hutch"(1980)
The oldest of the Moses boys! Son of the late actress Marian McCargo Bell. He was once a champion swimmer on his high school swim team. He became a musician and cut a few albums! His first one was... Continue
Kari Wuhrer
Role: Reece (02/05 - present)
Kari Samantha Wuhrer was born on April 28, 1967, in Brookfield, Connecticut. The daughter of Karin, a payroll officer and Andrew, a former police officer and car salesman. Kari has three siblings.... Continue
Eileen Boylan
Role: Sage Alcazar [#1] (2003)
Eileen April Boylan was born on May 10, 1987 in a small city in California called Acton, to Francis and Merlie Boylan. She is 1/2 Irish (father's side) and 1/2 Filipino (mother's side). She has an... Continue
Don Matheson
Role: Cameron Faulkner (1975-1976)
Married to Deanna Lund in the 70's, had one daughter by that marriage: actress Michele Matheson. Continue
Monti Sharp
Role: Justus Ward #2 (1998-1999)
Monti was born on September 20, 1967 in Monroe, LA. His father was a civil rights attorney in the Monroe area. His mother was a schoolteacher. He has numerous brothers and sisters, He attended the... Continue
Lynn Herring
Role: Lucy Coe Jones Quartermaine Stanton Baldwin Collins (1986-1992, 1992-1997, 1998)
 Lynn joined the cast of "General Hospital" in March of 1986, originally for a stint that would last as long as the prevailing storyline. But Lynn has made the character of Lucy Coe distinctively... Continue
Scott Egan
Role: Johnny ( -2003)
Scott Egan was born in New Jersey and has been in the public eye from the very beginning. He was the first 'no-pin' Pampers baby and continued to do commercials as a child. He was discovered by... Continue
Rick Springfield
Role: Dr. Noah Drake (1981-1983)
Rick Springfield has: ◊Sold Over 18 Million Records. ◊Achieved 17 Top 40 Hits, including 5 in the Top 10. ◊Performed in front of over 1 Million fans since 1998.... Continue
Coltin Scott
Role: Nikolas Cassadine #2 (1999-2003)
After a knee injury prevented him from playing professional soccer, Coltin moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. He had only $200 and nowhere to go, leaving his car and local gym his... Continue
Kristina Wayborn
Role: Dr. Greta Ingrstrom (1987)
Height 5'8" Trivia: Used to be a sprinter. He best time for the 100 meter run was 11.3 seconds. Continue
Anna Stuart
Role: Dr. Gina Dante (1977-1978)
Regarded as a popular soap opera actress Anna Stuart has worked steadily in the industry since 1971 when she originated the role of Toni Ferra Powers on NBC's "The Doctors." After leaving "The... Continue
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Re: cast of gh

Jensen Buchanan
Role: Melissa Bedford, R.N. (2001-2002)
Jensen Buchanan was raised in Neenah, Wisconsin. Her parents divorced when she was a toddler, but she had close relationships to both of them throughout her childhood. Jensen developed an interest... Continue
Mark Goddard
Role: Derek Barrington (1984-1986)
Mark was born in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1936, the youngest of five children. He was raised in Scituate, MA, a small town outside of Boston. His birth name was Charles, so he was "Chuck" to his... Continue
Sherilyn Wolter
Role: Celia Quartermaine (Putnam) Andrews Holt (March 17, 1983-February 26, 1986)
Sherilyn was born in 1961 (or 1959, as reported in a 1991 article in Télé Star, as reported by Aléna Prine), in Clarksburg, West Virginia. Her mother and father, Roy Wolter, a psychologist,... Continue
Judith McConnell
Role: Augusta McLeod (1973-1975)
Judith Lynn McConnell was born on April the 6th in 1944. She spent her childhood in Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania), living in... Continue
Sharon Wyatt
Role: Tiffany Hill Donely [[sign in to see URL]. Elsie Mae Crumholtz] (1981-1983; 1986-1995)
[sign in to see URL] Continue
Andrew [sign in to see URL]
Role: Kyle Radcliff (2003-2003)
Andrew St. John was born July 9, 1982 in Millinocket Maine. Andrew has tested for many tv pilots but has only worked on General Hospital. (As far as I know.) Andrew attended a charity event... Continue
Shaun Benson
Role: Steven Lars Webber (10/04-5/23/05)
In August 2004, Shaun Benson took on the role of Dr. Steven Weber, formerly Steven Lars. Steven, also a forensics specialist, is torn between loyalty to his mentor, Federal Prosecutor John Durant,... Continue
Mary Grace Canfield
Role: Lucille March Weeks, R.N. (1973) (temporary replacement for Ms. Wall)
Click here to read her biography. Continue
Arte Johnson
Role: Finian O'Toole (1991)
Married his wife, Gisela in 1948. Continue
Alexia Robinson
Role: Meg Lawson #1 (1990-1994)
Alexia Robinson was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She attended Florida State University where she majored in Business Administration and minored in Theatre. Her feature film... Continue
John Reilly
Role: Sean Donely (1984-1994)
John Reilly portrays Alistair Crane, the rich, powerful and arrogant patriarch of Harmony’s wealthiest family. The character of Alistair Crane was a mystery to viewers for five years, from the... Continue
Kathleen Freeman
Role: Sr. Mary Dorothy (1991)
UCLA graduate. Continue
Charles Shaughnessy
Role: Alistair Durban
Whether portraying a refined Broadway producer or an adventurous butler, Charles Shaughnessy infuses his characters with the charm and sophistication of a true English gentleman. With an impressive... Continue
Lisa Cerasoli
Role: Venus "V" Ardanowski (1997-1999)
From Iron Mountain, a small town in upper Michigan came the bold, lively, sparkling actress, Lisa Cerasoli. You may recognize her from her days on Boomtown, General Hospital, The Pretender or... Continue
Roy Thinnes
Role: Dr. Phil Brewer [Original cast member] (1963-1966)
During his formative years, Roy Thinnes had wanted to become a doctor or football player--or, if one wants to believe his early press releases, both. Having made his... Continue
Antonio Sabato Jr.
Role: John "Jagger" Cates (1992-1994; 1995)
His father, Antonio Sabàto Sr. , is also an actor and brought the family to Hollywood when Antonio was just 12. They lived in Beverly Hills, and Antonio attented Beverly Hills High. They lived in... Continue
Tava Smiley
Role: Chloe Morgan (1999-2001)
Height 5' 7" Trivia Tava was named for her mother's maiden name. Attended William Chrisman High School in Independence, Missouri. Other Works "Importance of being Ernest"... Continue
David Mendenhall
Role: Mike Webber (1980-1986)
Current Occupation: Lawyer Continue
Ami Dolenz
Role: Melissa McKee (1987-1989)
Daughter of Monkees drummer Mickey Dolenz. Continue
Mark Hamill
Role: Kent Murray (1972-1973)
Height 5'9" Spouse: Marilou York ( 1978-Present) Trivia: Father of Nathan Hamill (born 25 June 1979),Griffin (born 4 March 1983), Chelsea (born 37 July 1988) Fair-haired, blue eyed,... Continue
Jon Lindstrom
Role: Dr. Ryan Chamberlain (1992-1995)/Dr. Kevin Collins (1993-1997; recurring 1997-1998)
One-year after introducing the multi-dimensional character of Dr. Ryan Chamberlain on General Hospital, Jon Lindstrom created the endearing role of Dr. Kevin Collins, his twin brother. Launched in... Continue
Jeff Donnell
Role: Stella Fields (1979-1988)
THE JEFF DONNELL STORY by Wade Ballard Character actress and light comedienne Jeff Donnell was christened Jean Marie Donnell on July 10, 1921, at South Windham Boys' Reformatory in Maine. It... Continue
Janine Turner
Role: Laura Templeton (1982-1983)
[sign in to see URL] do I start with Janine??? [sign in to see URL] beginning may be an excellent place. She was born in Lincoln, Nebraska on December 6, 1962 and has an older brother by the name of Tim. When... Continue
Rebecca Holden
Role: Elena Cosgrove (1987)
Rebecca is a talented singer, actress and entertainer. This lovely Texan started her music education in North Texas State University, majoring in voice and piano, and then moved to New York City to... Continue
Jason Culp
Role: Julian Jerome (1988-1990)
Jason Culp is a highly skilled performer specializing in recorded books and voice-over. He is well represented in the audio publishing industry with his diverse skill in bringing the printed page... Continue
Billy Warlock
Role: Alan James "A.J." Quartermaine, Jr. #4 (1997- 2003; [sign in to see URL] - [sign in to see URL])
Height: 5'7" Billy has dark brown hair and hazel eyes. Billy was married to Marcy Walker (1987-1988) but they divorced. He has a dad called Dick Warlock and a younger brother called Lance... Continue
Genie Francis
Role: Laura Vining Webber Baldwin Spencer #2 (1976-1982; 1983; 1984; 1993-2002)
"Delicate" and "transcendent" are adjectives that have been used to describe Laura Spencer. As portrayed by Genie Francis, Laura has become one of the most beloved characters in daytime television.... Continue
Lisa Canning
Role: Meg Lawson #2 (1994)
Lisa Canning is one of television's most popular and admired on-air personalities. Best known to viewers around the world for her work as an on-air correspondent for Entertainment Tonight from... Continue
Keye Luke
Role: The Ancient One (1985)
KEYE received his education at Washington University, Seattle. He began his film career as a commercial artist and poster designer. He was a technical advisor on Hollywood movies that had Chinese... Continue
Amy Grabow
Role: Rachel Adair (02/05 - 04/05)
Formerly "Rachel Adair" on "General Hospital". Amy Grabow joined the cast of "General Hospital" in February 2005 as Dr. Rachel Adair. While having a mysterious past with Steven Weber, her... Continue
Peter Hansen
Role: Lee Baldwin (1963; 1965-1985; recurring 1992-present)
Peter was a fighter pilot in WWII, serving in the South Pacific. He was married to wife, Betty, for over 50 years, until her death in the 90's. They have 3 children. Continue
J. Robin Miller
Role: Lydia Karenin Cassadine [#2] (2003)
J. Robin Miller joined the cast of "General Hospital" as Lydia Karenin in July of 2003. Growing up in rural Ohio as the oldest of three girls, J. Robin is the only sister with the acting bug.... Continue
Sarah Brown
Role: Caroline 'Carly' Benson [Roberts] Quartermaine Corinthos (#1) (1996-2001)
Official Press Kit Bio from [sign in to see URL] (@ 2004) Many may remember Sarah from her 5-year stint as Carly Benson on General Hospital, which earned her three Daytime Emmy Awards. Brown began her... Continue
Jordan Charney
Role: Dr. Seymour Katz (1982)
Has a wife named Nancy, a son, and a daughter who was born on the couple's first anniversary. Continue
Sky Dumont
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Re: cast of gh

Role: Claudio Maldonado (1989)
/-Height- 6' 5" ([sign in to see URL] m) /-Spouse- Mirja Becker (September 2000 - present) Cosima von Borsody (? - 2000) (divorced) /-Trivia- Is fluent in German. Station voice of the German TV... Continue
Réal Andrews
Role: Lt. Marcus Taggert (1996-1997; 1998-2003)
Real Andrews is married to Michele Viscasso, they been married since November 2000. They welcomed their first child into the world on August 16, 2003 and named him Marcus Jeremiah. Continue
Ian Abercrombie
Role: Clive Durban (1993)
London born and bred, Abercrombie gave his earliest performances at the request of his teachers during the Blitz in World War II. To calm the younger children, he would sing and dance for them.... Continue
Dylan Cash
Role: Michael Alan Quartermaine Corinthos (2002- present; recurring)
Award winning actor Dylan Cash made his television debut at 4 years old on the CBS hit family comedy show KIDS SAY THE DARNDEST THINGS. He charmed host Bill Cosby after emphatically announcing he... Continue
Robin Mattson
Role: Heather Grant Webber (1980-1983, 2004-present)
Robin Mattson had literally been acting her entrie life. Known primarily for her work in daytime television, the actress has never originated any role that she has played on daytime TV, but rather... Continue
Shaun Cassidy
Role: Dusty Walker (1987)
Shaun Paul Cassidy was born on September 27, 1958 and travelled with his parents when he was only six months old while they were doing shows. His parents were stage and screen actors Shirley Jones... Continue
Terri Garber
Role: Victoria Parker (1993) Judith Chapman
Role: Ginny Blake Webber (1984-1986) Frank Killmond
Role: Jennings (1984-1992) Adrianne Leon
Role: Brooke Lynn Ashton (05/04-present) Tia Carrere
Role: Jade Soong Chung, R.N. (1985-1987) Corey Young
Role: Dr. Walt Benson (1987-1989) Christine Cahill
Role: Dr. Thomas 'Tommy' Hardy (1971 - 1974) Andrea Pearson
Role: Gia Campbell #2 (2002- 2003) Nancy Becker-Kennedy
Role: Martha McKee (1987-1988) Elizabeth MacRae
Role: Meg Bentley Baldwin #2 (1969-1970; 1972-1973) Jeff Pomerantz
Role: David Langton (1992) Valentino Moreno
Role: Juan Santiago (#1) (1994) Sharon DeBord
Role: Sharon McGillis Pinkham, R.N (1965-1973) Jonathan Jackson
Role: "Lucky" Lucas Lorenzo Spencer Jr. (1993-1999) Brittney Powell
Role: Summer Holloway (November 18, 2002-2003) Alan Charof
Role: Greek Police Inspector Lauren Petty
Role: Bridget Daly (2004- present) Ignacio Serricchio
Role: Diego ([sign in to see URL] - present) Alan Feinstein
Role: Gregory Howard (1989) Carol Lawrence
Role: Angela Eckert (1991-1992) J. Evan Bonifant
Role: Lucas Stansbury Jones (2002- December 18, 2002) Marc Brett
Role: Zander Smith #1 (August 11, 2000-August 29, 2000) Norma Connolly
Role: Ruby Anderson (1979-1999) Clive Robertson
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Re: cast of gh

Role: Simon ([sign in to see URL] - Present) Lieux Dressler
Role: Alice Grant #2 (1978-1983) Bradley Lockerman
Role: Casey Rogers/Shep Casey (1990) Felecia M. Bell
Role: Dr. Simone Hardy #3 (1993-1997) Matt Marraccini
Role: Jesse Beaudry (06/2005-) Shelley Taylor Morgan
Role: Lorena Sharpe Barrington (1984-1986) Deanna Lund
Role: Peggy Lowell (1976) Julian Stone
Role: Jerry Jacks (1998-1999) Jennifer Anglin
Role: Cheryl Stansbury (1988-1992) Maria Rangel
Role: Rosa Fernandez (1987)/Adela Corinthos (1995) Kevin Graves
Role: Lucas Stansbury Jones [#2] (1990) Christopher Graves
Role: Lucas Stansbury Jones #2 (1990) Michael Gregory
Role: Dr. Rick Webber #1 (1976-1978) Craig Huebing
Role: Dr. Phil Brewer #3 (1966)/Dr. Peter Taylor #2 (1969-1979) Argentina Brunetti
Role: Filomena Soltini (1985-1987) Christine Carlo
Role: Leticia Juarez #2 (August 29, 2001–Present) Neil Hamilton (I)
Role: Philip Mercer (1963) Shell Danielson
Role: Domonique Stanton Taub Baldwin #2 (1991-1993) Sarah and Emma Smith
Role: Kristina Davis (#3) (12/23/03 - present) Marie Windsor
Role: Dr. Vivian Collins (1982) Stephen Burleigh
Role: Ray Conway (1993) Robert Fontaine
Role: Frankie Greco (1990-1991) C.J. Thomason
Role: Lucas Stanbury Jones [#8] (2002-2003) Starr Andreeff
Role: Jessica Holmes (1992-1993) Camille Cooper
Role: Monica "Nikki" Langton (1992; 1993) Renee Anderson
Role: Alexandria "Alex" Quartermaine (1980-1981) Kevin Gravino
Role: Lucas Jones #1 (1989-1994) (alternating role) Jay Sacane
Role: Lucas Stansbury Jones #2 (1994-1996) Edie Lehmann
Role: Katherine Delafield (1989-1990) Sheila MacRae
Role: Madelyn Richmond (1991) Dawn Merrick
Role: Samantha "Sam" Welles (1985-1989) Martin West
Role: Dr. Phil Brewer #5 (1967-1975) Carolyn Craig
Role: Cynthia Allison (1963) Patsy Rahn
Role: Dr. Monica Webber #1 (1976-1977) Bianca Ferguson
Role: Claudia Johnston Phillips (1978-1987) Jana Taylor
Role: Angie Costello Weeks (1963-1965) [Original cast member] Kim Terry-Costin
Role: Rita Lloyd Jones (1990) Rick Falk
Role: Dr. Phil Brewer #4 (1966) Catherine Wadkins
Role: Mary Bishop (March [sign in to see URL]) Jay Bontatibus
Role: Andy Capelli (2000; 2003-February 2004) Kevin Bernhardt
Role: Dr. Kevin O'Connor (1985-1986) Mark St. James
Role: Evan "Edge" Jerome, Jr. (1990-1991) Jessica Ferrarone
Role: Lydia Karenin Cassadine #1 (June 2003-July 2003) Lilly Melgar
Role: Lily Rivera Corinthos (1994-1996; 2001)/Marcella Montoya (2003) Johnny Whitaker
Role: Scott "Scotty" Bentley Baldwin #1 (1965) Annette Chavez
Role: Leticia Juarez Patrick Bishop
Role: Dr. Yank Chung (1985-1987) Ismael 'East' Carlo
Role: Hernando Rivera (1994-1996; 1997) Andre Landzaat
Role: Anthony "Tony" Cassadine (1981) Chantal Contouri
Role: Prunella Witherspoon (1988) Cassandra Gravas
Role: Cruz (1984) Tawny Feré Ellis
Role: Dominique Stanton Taub #1 (1991) Zachary Ellington Jr.
Role: Tommy Hardy Jr. (1994-1997) Philip Tanzini
Role: Jeremy Logan (1978-1982) Chi-en Telemaque
Role: Desiree (1990) Cari Ann Warder
Role: Amy Vining #1 (1975-1976) Jordan Wood
Role: Lisa Bobbie Jordan
Role: Terri Webber Arnett (1976-1977) Michael Watson
Role: Decker Moss (1989-1991) Lucille Wall
Role: Lucille March Weeks, R.N. (1963-1976; 1982) Sarah Laine
Role: Sarah Webber #2 (2002) Stephanie Williams
Role: Dr. Simone Ravelle Hardy #2 (1990-1993) Brandon Hooper
Role: Dr. Eric Simpson (1991-1992) Lydie Denier
Role: Dr. Yasmine Bernoudi (1989) Stephen T. Kay
Role: Reginald Jennings (1992-present; recurring) Terri Hawkes
Role: Wendy Masters (1990) Guy Mack
Role: Dr. Patrick O'Connor (1985-1988) Ryan Alosio
Role: Nico ([sign in to see URL] - [sign in to see URL] ) Lisa Sanders
Role: Autumn Clayton (1987) Jerry Ayres
Role: David Hamilton (1977-1978) Mfundo Morrison
Role: Justus Ward #3 ([sign in to see URL]) Lisa Vultaggio
Role: Hannah Scott (1999-2001) Stacey Cortez
Role: Sheila Cantillon, R.N. (1991) Breck Bruns
Role: Georgie Jones #3 (1997-2002) Kevin Best
Role: Dr. Harrison Davis (1988-1990) June Havoc
Role: Madeline Markham (1990) Ryan MacDonald
Role: Philip Harper Susan Brown
Role: Dr. Gail Adamson Baldwin (1977-1985; recurring 1992-present) Brad Maule
Role: Dr. Anthony "Tony" Jones (1984-present; recurring) John Beradino
Role: Dr. Steve Hardy [Original cast member] (1963-1996) Tristan Rogers
Role: Robert Scorpio (1981-1985; 1986; 1987-1992; 1995) Loanne Bishop
Role: Rose Kelly (1980-1984) Denise Alexander
Role: Dr. Lesley Williams Faulkner Webber (1972-1984; 1996-present; recurring) Chris Robinson
Role: Dr. Rick Webber #2 (1978-1986; 2002) John Gabriel
Role: Teddy Holmes (1972-1973) Jeanna Michaels
Role: Constance Townley (1983) Maxine Stuart
Role: Mrs. Dawson (1968) Frank Maxwell
Role: Dan Rooney (1978-1990) Patricia Breslin
Role: Meg Bentley Baldwin #1 (1966-1969) Emily McLaughlin
Role: Jessie Brewer, R.N. [Original cast member] (1963-1990) Martha Scott
Role: Jennifer Talbot (1985-1986) Karen Fredrik
Role: Crystal Harris (1984) David Lewis
Role: Edward Quartermaine #1 (1978-1989; 1991-1993) Jane Elliot
Role: Tracy Quartermaine (1978-1980; 1989-1993; 1996; 4/03; Nov 2003-present) Augusta Dabney
Role: Carolyn Chandler (1975-1976) Randolph Mantooth
Role: Richard Halifax (1993) Christopher Pennock
Role: Mitch Williams (1979-1980) Asher Brauner
Role: Roy DiLucca #1 (1978-1979) Don Dolan
Role: Chief Guy Lewis (1985-1989) John Colicos
Role: Mikkos Cassadine (1981)/Petros Cassadine (1985) Hillary Edson
Role: Tania Raskov Jones (1984-1987) Hugo
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Re: cast of gh

Role: Lord Lawrence "Larry" Ashton (1988-1991) Melinda Cordell
Role: Natalie Dearborn [[sign in to see URL]. Natasha] (1983) Steve Bond
Role: Jimmy Lee Holt [[sign in to see URL]. Eric Quartermaine] (1983-1987) Susan Pratt
Role: Ann Logan Webber (1978-1982) Ian Buchanan
Role: Duke Lavery #1 (1986-1989) Rachel Ames
Role: Audrey March Hardy, R.N. (1964-present; recurring) Matt Crane
Role: Det. Ross Duncan ( March 23, 2004- May 4, 2004) Michael Sutton
Role: Michael "Stone" Cates (1993-1995) Rhoda Gemignani
Role: Lois' Aunt Grace (1994) Joseph C. Phillips
Role: Justus Ward #1 (1994-1998) Rosalind Cash
Role: Mary Mae Ward (1994-1995) Paul Satterfield
Role: Paul Hornsby (1991-1994) Michael Cole
Role: Harlan Barrett (1991) Peggy Walton-Walker
Role: Betsy Quartermaine (1988) Senait Ashenafi
Role: Keesha Ward (1994-1998) Mitchell Ryan
Role: Frank Smith #2 (1993-1994) Meg Wyllie
Role: Lila Morgan Tolliver Quartermaine [temporary] (Summer 1994)/Doris Roach James Morrison
Role: Joey Moscini (1991) Finola Hughes
Role: Anna Devane Lavery Scorpio (1985-1991; 1995) Camila Ashland
Role: Alice Grant #1 (1976-1977) Jennifer Sky
Role: Sarah Webber #1 (1997-1998) Michael Fairman
Role: Harry Silver (1994-1997) Patience Cleveland
Role: Dottie Sandford (1987) A Martinez
Role: Roy DiLucca #2 (1999-2002) Fran Ryan
Role: Sister Agatha (1979) Justin Whalin
Role: A.J. Quartermaine #1 Emma Samms
Role: Holly Sutton Scorpio (1982-1985; 1992-1993)/Paloma Perez (1992) R.J. Williams
Role: Rowdy (1989-91) Richard Fancy
Role: Benny (1997 - 2003) Brooke Bundy
Role: Diana Taylor #2 (1973-1981) Katie Stuart
Role: Cindy (2003)/Sage Alcazar [#2] (2003-Present) Bruce A. Young
Role: Rory Banks (1991) Robert Hogan
Role: Dr. Phil Brewer #2 (1966) Allan Miller
Role: Quentin Quartermaine (1987-1988) Patrick Fabian
Role: Ted Murty (1997) Blake McIver Ewing
Role: Guy Tucker (2003) David Wallace
Role: Dr. Tom Hardy #1 (1987-1993) David Groh
Role: D.L. Brock (1983-1985) Gerald Gordon
Role: Dr. Mark Dante (1976-1978; 1982-1983) Roger Lodge
Role: James (1992) David Doyle
Role: Ted Holmes (1986-1987) George Gaynes
Role: Frank Smith #1 (1980) Chuckie Gravino
Role: Lucas Jones #1 (1989-1994) (alternating role) Bernard White
Role: Ric Ortega (1992) Jennifer Hetrick
Role: Veronica Wilding Barrett (1998) Mary Jo Catlett
Role: Mary Finnegan (1989-1990) Jack Axelrod
Role: Victor Jerome (1988-1989) Brooks Almy
Role: P. Connolly (late november '04 - Early December '04) Denise Galik-Furey
Role: Rhonda Wexler (1992-1994) Frank Runyeon
Role: Simon Romero (1992) James Sikking
Role: Dr. James Hobart (1973-1976) Leigh J. McCloskey
Role: Dr. Michael Baranski (1992)/Damian Smith (1993-1996) Stan Ivar
Role: David (1986) Leonard Stone
Role: Packy Moore (1982) Geoffrey Scott
Role: David McAllister #2 (1989) Crystal Carson
Role: Julia Barrett (1991-1993; 1997; 1998) Scott Thompson Baker
Role: Colton Shore (1988-1991) Cari Shayne
Role: Karen Wexler #1 (1992-1994) Laura Carrington
Role: Dr. Simone Ravelle Hardy #1 (1987-1989) Trent J. Cameron
Role: Trent ([sign in to see URL] - [sign in to see URL]) Sam Behrens
Role: Jake Meyer (1983-1988) Michael Saucedo
Role: Juan Santiago #2 (1999-2001) Brighton Hertford
Role: Barbara Jean "B.J." Jones (1987-1994) Cheryl Richardson
Role: Jennifer "Jenny" Eckert Ashton Hornsby (1991-1994; 1996) Michael McLafferty
Role: Brian Beck (2003-2004) Yvette Nipar
Role: Sandy Stryker (1986-1987) Doug Sheehan
Role: Joe Kelly (1979-1982) Brian Donovan
Role: George Z (1995) Elissa Leeds
Role: Steffi Brand (1984) Robin Curtis
Role: Carol Pulaski (1991) Gerald Anthony
Role: Marco Dane (1992-1993) K.T. Stevens
Role: Peggy Mercer (1963-1965) [Original cast member] Jon Cypher
Role: Max Van Stadt (1981) Tonja Walker
Role: Olivia St. John Jerome (1988-1990) Chip Lucia
Role: Leopold Taub (1991) Ken Foree
Role: Kris (1992) Janis Paige
Role: Iona Huntington (1989) Justin Cooper
Role: Lucas Stanbury Jones #3 (1996-1998) Gail Ramsey
Role: Susan Moore Baldwin (1978-1983) Norma Maldonado
Role: Nurse Harris ([sign in to see URL] - Present) Keith Amos
Role: Eric Nash (1990) Maree Cheatham
Role: Charlene Simpson (1987-1991) Kurt McKinney
Role: Edward "Ned" Lawrence Quartermaine Ashton #1 (1988-1991) Danielle Von Zerneck
Role: Louisa "Lou" Swenson (1983-1984) Wiley Harker
Role: Crane Tolliver (1983) Anthony Mangano
Role: Louie Cerullo (1994) Joe Marinelli
Role: Joseph Sorel (1999-2001) Jennifer Guthrie
Role: Dawn Winthrop Ashton #4 (1990-1991) Mark Schneider
Role: Mitch Wright (1998) Patricia Healy
Role: Tammy Carson #1 (1998-2000) Tamara Clatterbuck
Role: Tammy Carson #2 (2000-2001) John Vargas
Role: Rico Chacone (1990) Margarita Franco
Role: Dolores Santiago (1994) Angel Tompkins
Role: Dr. Erna Morris (1985) Don Galloway
Role: Dr. Buzz Stryker (1985-1987) Nicholas Walker
Role: Jimmy O'Herlihy (1989-1990) Robyn Bernard
Role: Terry Brock O'Connor (1984-1990) Lisa Fuller
Role: Dawn Winthrop #3 (1990) Kim Valentine
Role: Dawn Winthrop #1 (1989) Dawn Jeffory
Role: JoAnne Eden (1980) Glenn Walker Harris Jr.
Role: Sly Eckert (1991-1995) Michael Tylo
Role: Charlie Prince (1989) Stacey Baldwin
Role: Laura Vining #1 (1974-1976) Joseph Lambie
Role: Gregory Malko (1983) Corbin Bernsen
Role: John Durant (09/04 - 05) Bob Hastings
Role: Capt. Burt Ramsey (1979-1986) Bruce Gray
Role: George Blyth (1987) Gerald Hopkins
Role: Alan James "A.J." Quartermaine, Jr. #2 (1991-1992) Gina Gallagher
Role: Gina Williams(1996) Rob Youngblood
Role: Dr. Pierce Dorman #2 (1996) Recurring StarsName Role
Kathryn Joosten Ida Warren
Barbara Tarbuck Jane Jacks
Susan Diol Alexis Davis [temporary substitute]
Jon Lindstrom Dr. Kevin Collins
Linda Dano Rae Cummings
Cynthia Preston Faith
Peter Renaday John Jacks
Eva Longoria Brenda look-alike
Cassandra Creech Sam
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Re: cast of gh

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Re: cast of gh

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